Many times I read or experience something that inspires me and I want to share it with others. People also ask me how or where they can learn more about energy, spirituality, etc. This page is for anyone who wants to learn more, experience more, explore or is just plain curious. Everything listed here is something that I have personally read, gone to or experienced that really resonated with me. It is by no means the ‘end all be all’ list of resources, just what I know and want to share with others. So dive in and see what resonates with you to help you on your journey, satisfy that nudge from your intuition or maybe even inspire you!


People/ Books

Echo Bodine – she has written a number of excellent books on intuition, spirituality, healing and the soul.

Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffey – a great book for adults and kids with abilities that are trying to get a handle on what is happening with them.

Doreen Virtue – she has a number of books and info on her website about angels.

Discover The Power Within You by Eric Butterworth – this book looks at the teachings of Jesus and what it means to be a spiritual being.

The Secret Of The Soul by William Buhlman – info about out of body experiences (OBEs), astral travel and ways to initiate them.

Abraham/Hicks – Esther Hicks channels the teachings of a non-physical consciousness, Abraham. You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction? That is the teaching of Abraham. It is all about energy!

Jo Dunning – does energetic healing through processes she channels. I had the pleasure of hearing her and experiencing the healing processes during a week long appearance on a website. The healing processes helped me a great deal!

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay – an excellent book about healing.! Louise is the founder of Hay House.

Shannon Knight – this is a special shout out to my amazing instructor, who is all about JOY!!!

Kathy Baker – Kathy is a dear friend of mine who does extraordinary work! She does sacred heart healing. I have seen her at expos and fairs working with people and I can see the difference in them when she is finished. I have also had my own personal session with her and it has had profound effects on me. Find out more about her at

I also suggest going to your local bookstore or library and browsing through the Spirituality or New Age section. You can ask Spirit to help you find the right book for you. Be open to how the info comes to you – it could be a feeling, you pick up a book and get a sensation, one stands out to you somehow, or a book may even fall off the shelf!


Hay House Radio – radio shows covering various topics including health, healing, spirituality, psychic stuff and more! The shows are on 24/7. You must create an account to listen (it is free and you can listen to the shows as they are on-air, paying members can also access the show archives). A great place to explore, find new people whose work resonates with you and learn! Check it out at – a website devoted to bringing people together with common interests. just put in your zip code and you can see groups near you. I’ve found groups focused on spirituality and other interests. It’s a great way to meet people and in some cases, find your tribe!

Nirvana Radio – find this on-line at TuneIn Radio. Listen on your computer or smart phone. It’s calming, meditative and uplifting music. Great to have on in the background to help you stay in that spiritual sweet spot!


Mandalas/ Coloring Books – plain and simple, it’s coloring for adults that can help you get into a meditative state. I know of mandalas in Buddhism, but they are found in other religions and cultures. You can find more information on-line as well as web sites offering free mandalas to color. Here are some examples of mine!

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