March 2017

Events and Specials

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25thMichigan Psychic Fair, Bad Axe

30thClearing Meditation


As a Spiritual Intuitive and Medium, I assist people in shifting energy and healing while empowering them. I do this in a number of ways, but it all starts with energy. Everything is made up of energy and has its own unique vibration, including us. We each have energetic boundaries that surround our energetic space. That space is our own sacred space. It’s meant to be filled with our own energy, because our own unique vibration feels best to us. We don’t live in a vacuum though. There is other energy around us all the time. As we interact with other energy, we can absorb it into our space. This includes our own thoughts and emotions, which are also energy! As we go through each day interacting with all this energy, our vibration can change. I assist people in clearing and healing so they are closer to their natural vibration. The closer you are to your natural vibration, the more you feel like you’re going with the flow of life and the universe rather than against it. Shifting and healing can occur in many ways. My focus is on helping you see who you really are – a powerful, loving, creative spiritual being – and what is happening in your life from a higher, spiritual perspective. To find out more about the techniques and tools I use, see About Me and My Services (Energy Healing and Spiritual & Intuitive)!

Do you want to feel better emotionally, spiritually and/or physically? Do you want more out of life? Do you want to live your divine potential and shine your light brightly out into the world? Anything and everything is possible if you are ready to make a change. Contact me and I’ll help you take the next step!

I am so passionate about healing work because I have personally experienced all the services I offer and gone through my own healing. My thoughts, interactions with others, even how I feel about and view things have shifted in positive directions! Knowing how great I feel, I want to share this with others so they can benefit from it and experience positive changes in their lives too!


This is a phrase I came up with to describe what happens when I experience things with Spirit, things so amazing and wonderful that fill me with love, joy, surprise and sometimes even goosebumps (in a good way of course!)! Things that resonate in my soul and make it sing! There are usually not enough words or even words that can describe this feeling, it can only be felt, so I usually just end up laughing – laughing in amazement! The intent of my website is not only to highlight the services that I offer, but also be a safe place to come and explore. A place where anyone who visits will find something that resonates with them, inspires them, teaches, introduces something new, makes them think or maybe even have an a-ha moment. Whatever your purpose for coming here is, may you find something that touches your soul and makes you laugh in amazement!