Aura Reading Special

Part of your energetic system is your aura, that beautiful field of energy around you! There are 7 layers, each with a specific color, theme and information. When I look into someone’s aura, I get info about each layer, including: what color it is, what’s happening in it and how to bring it into balance (if it’s out of balance). You can use this information to make improvements or changes that will bring more balance and vitality into your life!

How it works: This is an email reading. Once I receive payment, I will do the reading and send it to you within 4 days. To do the reading, I simply tune into your aura to get the information, there’s nothing special that you have to do!

When: Available for purchase through October 25.

In order to have fun and enjoy doing the readings, I have 4 spaces available. Once they are filled, the special will be removed from the Specials page on my website.