Up, Up and Away! Special

We are in an interesting space of time right now. The energy on the planet is pretty intense and many people are feeling it. I’m hearing a theme of feeling “weighed down”, “dragged down”, “down in the dumps” … you get the picture – down somehow. Being that we are energetic beings and have a naturally high vibration, this heavier vibration doesn’t feel very good. So what’s an energetic being to do? Go UP! And how do you do that? Let go of the heaviness!

I’m offering energetic tune-ups to clear out what is pulling your vibration down so you can start feeling better, more like your natural self! Choose from a 20-minute mini tune-up or a full 45 minutes. During it, I will tune into you energetically and help you release any heaviness. Say bye-bye to energy cords, limitations, old beliefs and programming, stuck emotions, blocks and old energy! You’ll feel lighter as you let go of this energetic heaviness and see the effects of it ripple out into your life!

What: 20-minute and 45-minute energetic tune-ups
Where: All appointments will be by phone
When: These tune-ups are available for purchase through the end of June. Appointments can be made through the end of July.
How it works: After completing your purchase by PayPal, I will contact you to set up your appointment. Include the best way to contact you (phone or email) in the Special Instructions box during check out. At the time of your appointment, I will call you.
Cost: 20-minute mini tune-up $30            45-minute full tune-up $60

20-minute Mini Tune-up    $30.00
45-minute Full Tune-up    $60.00