Energy Healing

Sessions are approximately one hour unless otherwise noted.

All sessions are held by phone, Skype or videoconference unless otherwise noted. In-person sessions are available for those in the Metro Detroit area.

All sessions must be paid before the appointment.

If you have any questions or can’t decide which service would be best for you, contact me.

Your aura is the beautiful field of energy around you. It has 7 layers, each with its own theme. We’ll look at each layer to see what color it is and understand what is happening in it in the present time. We’ll use the information to clear the layers and heal them. This information also helps you see any changes that could be made to benefit you on a physical, emotional and energetic level. At the end of this session you will understand where you are energetically so you can bring more balance and vitality into your life!     $100.00
Your boundaries keep your unique vibration of energy in your energetic space, allowing you to operate optimally at all levels. When you are not owning those boundaries, you can share your energy with others and other energy can be in your space, which is not an ideal condition. I’ll energetically tune in to your boundaries and assist you to release any energy that is not your own. At the end of this session you will: own your boundaries, recognize the signs when you are not owning them and know how to maintain them yourself!     $100.00
You have 7 energy centers running from the base of your spine to the top of your head, known as chakras. Each one contains specific spiritual information. Over time, chakras can become clogged or out of balance. Keeping them clear and balanced is important because your life force runs through them. We’ll look at each chakra, checking the color and for anything that is clogging them. We’ll clear them and bring them back into balance, allowing a clear and smooth path for your life force.     $100.00
At times in our lives we can run up against something and feel stuck, held back or even powerless. There is usually something happening on an energetic level that is getting in your way, whether you are conscious of it or not. This healing session is perfect for energetically clearing out anything that is keeping you from moving forward. It will be tailored to what you need to release and heal in the present time. These sessions can address various issues, including:
•Stuck emotions     •Pain     •Illness     •Anxiety     •Depression     •Grief     •Addiction     •Abuse
•Trauma     •Limiting beliefs and programming     •Relationship healing     •Family drama
When making your appointment, I will ask for the general area or concern that you wish to address. Before the session, I will energetically tune into you and also ask your guides and angels for information about the cause(s) and the best way to help you heal.  During the session, I guide you through various energetic techniques to help you release and heal (similar to a guided meditation). There is no need to carry around energetic baggage that is only slowing you down as you try to move forward. Give yourself the gift of a healing session and feel the positive, healthy changes it can make in your life!     $100.00
Over the years I have seen clients who have a healing session but would benefit from more than one. This package is designed for those situations or anyone who would like to do more in-depth healing. Choose from a package of 2, 4 or 6 sessions. The structure is the same as the Custom Healing Session with a couple extra benefits: 1.) packages are discounted from the regular session price and 2.) once you have purchased a healing package, you are eligible to add additional sessions at the discounted price of the package you purchased. For example, purchase the 2 session package (10% off regular price) and if you find that you want to have additional sessions, you can purchase them at 10% off. The 4 session package is 15% off and the 6 session package is 20% off. Appointments are flexible –  schedule them regularly (weekly, monthly, etc.) or make an appointment when you feel ready.
Save 10%!
Save 15%!
Save 20%!
This is also known as “hands on healing” or “laying of hands”. I act as a channel for God’s healing energy and direct it to you. The healing can be for anything – physical, emotional or energetic. Channeled healing can play a significant and positive role in a healing process. I offer both in-person and remote channeled healing. They are both equally effective. During the healing I get additional information that I share with you. This may include: where the energy went in the body, where/what imbalances are in the body, what is causing imbalances and/or guidance for additional things to do to heal.
** In-person healing starts at $55/half hour. Please contact me to discuss locations, prices and duration of the healing. **
** I will contact you after receiving payment to discuss the best time to send the healing. Afterwards, I will follow-up with a call or email with the information I received during your healing. **     $55.00
We each have the ability to manifest the things we want in this life – our heart’s desires. You can energetically block this ability to varying degrees, making it difficult to manifest. During this session I will energetically tune in to you and identify any blocks. I will assist you in releasing those blocks and focusing in on your desires so you can easily manifest them!     $100.00