Body Talk

Yesterday as I was walking, I took a step and suddenly had pain in my upper leg and hip. It wasn’t there when I took the previous step though. Being an empath, the pain didn’t surprise me, but it did slow me … //Read the Full Story//

Somewhere In Between

After the passing of my Japanese host father, I found myself in new territory. This is the first time since I started doing spiritual and intuitive work that someone who I feel close to has passed away. This … //Read the Full Story//

30 Years Of Memories

Sometimes people come into your life in wonderful and unexpected ways, making an impact in ways you could never have imagined. One of those people is my Japanese dad, who passed away on Monday. It was 30 … //Read the Full Story//

Putting The Brakes on Runaway Thoughts

Here’s a technique I came up with when I find my thoughts racing in the direction of Stinkin’ Thinkin’. It was inspired by a talk given by Abraham/Hicks. In it, they explained that you start out with a thought. … //Read the Full Story//