Messages From Spirit > Tornado Of Drama

Spirit has been showing me an interesting vision lately. It’s what happens when some kind of conflict occurs with people. Energy starts getting kicked up between the people and begins swirling, like a tornado. … //Read the Full Story//

Getting Grounded

What does an energetic being (that’s you!) do to stay balanced when they are constantly surrounded by and interacting with other energy? Get grounded! It’s not the grounded like your parents may have done to … //Read the Full Story//

Messages From Spirit > The Suitcase

A few years ago, I had a very surprising vision. I was connecting with my uncle who had passed away about 15 years earlier. I saw him from behind as he had been when he crossed over into God’s light. He was … //Read the Full Story//

Body Talk

Yesterday as I was walking, I took a step and suddenly had pain in my upper leg and hip. It wasn’t there when I took the previous step though. Being an empath, the pain didn’t surprise me, but it did slow me … //Read the Full Story//