The intention of this page is to be fun, inspirational and thought provoking. I’m a bit of a wordie and have been trying to come up with a word or phrase that can cover all this page will encompass. After a bit of brain storming and some help (thank you Spirit!), a-musing felt right. I even got out the dictionary just to make sure musing is a word! I laughed out loud and in amazement (LIA!) as I read the definition because it’s perfect!

musing – to become absorbed in thought; to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively; wonder; marvel; ponder

New content will be added weekly, so check back often for more a-musing stuff!


Quote of the Week


Trust yourself.

You know more than you think you do.

~ Benjamin Spock ~


One of the things I have learned and know to be true is that we have all the answers we need already within us. Why do we look outside ourselves for answers? Why do we ask others what they think we should do, think or say? Why don’t we trust what feels right for us? I guess because it can feel like stepping off a cliff when what feels right for you goes against logic or societal norms or what family and friends think. The thing is, even if you step off that cliff, you’ll be ok because your Divine Creator gave you wings to fly. It comes in the form of your intuition – the answers. The more I explore my spirituality, the more I understand the Divine within, that your Divine Creator is not some being outside of you, but within you. You are an extension of the Divine. So if the Divine is all knowing, and the Divine is within you, then doesn’t it make sense that that’s where the answers are too? This week, be aware of where you look for your answers. Practice looking for them inside of you more and more!


LIA Moments

The other day I received an idea from Spirit for a special while I was out for a walk. It’s based on something I created for myself that I have on my refrigerator. I continued thinking about it for the rest of the walk, letting it play out in my mind and getting excited about sharing it with others. As soon as I got home, my focus went to others things and I pushed the idea to the back of my mind. Yesterday my parents came over for Father’s Day. As I was by the stove making dinner for us, I had a small floor fan running to keep things cool. Suddenly, something fell off the refrigerator. I have a lot of stuff on my refrigerator, but wouldn’t you know… it was what I had created that is related to the idea I got on my walk! Nothing else, just that!